Femininity is so complex, abstract and beautiful. There are so many ways to get started expressing yourself as a girl. This is just the starter kit send us your own suggestions!!

Be SAFE !!!

Before any other topic, it is so important that you consider how to be safe as you explore.

Do You Live With Your Parents or Depend on Them Financially?
It is often quoted that 40% of homeless teens are kids who played with gender and were abandoned by their parents. This can not happen to you baby. You have to be so very careful. We are working on events, videos and media to educate parents. But for the time being, please understand that even parents who seem liberal and caring are often confused and act in ways that shame their souls and cast them into dark terrible tunnels. The truth is, parents tend to react badly. One way to find out a general position is to bring up a story or media piece about gender fluidity and see how they react. But until you know, keep things hidden. Mostly the odd thing is that parents *don't* want to know. They will almost always miss the obvious signs and think panties were misplaced etc - it is part of a systematic denial they have been actively engaged in for decades. So keep it private, keep it in locked doors and make it something they have the choice to ignore. When you are financially independent you can take the big leap to having them see the honest you.

Start Using Different Language

Language is magic. Start using words that guys normally aren't supposed to. You can do this with your family, with your friends, with your co-workers. It is surprisingly fun and refreshing fro them too. Here's a starter list but please send us your favorites:

Some great words:
Cute, Adorbs, Adorable, OMG, LOVE, AMAZE, gorgeous, stunning, fabulous, sparkly, sweet, darling, honey,

Some great phrases:
"Thank you so much omg" , "You are so sweet omg", "you look so cute", "omg i love your hair" , "you are so sweet, omg", "where have you been all my life"

Some great emoticons:

ใƒพ(๏ผ โŒ’ใƒผโŒ’๏ผ )ใƒŽ

Start Wearing Bling

Little necklaces, bracelets, a choke collar. They are easy to put on and off so you can try it on with a little blouse and it just makes everything sparkle so so much more.

Start Trying Girls Clothes On

Dresses, skirts, panties, stockings, lingerie. You might choose to go for the girl next door luck, so natural and just ready to go hiking and snowboarding. You might be the hipster chick who is listening to music and has a serious feminist attitude. You might be the super model sexy as anything getting ready for a big night out or in.

You be You baby. Lock the door to be safe and just start trying things on.

You can keep a small budget - you would be amazed the gorgeous things you can get that are $20 or below.

Become a Make Up Artist

There are so many looks you can find. You can get a make up kit like the beauty book which is easy to keep around and start playing with the different looks that work for you. If you need to hide this to be safe, its ok to play in the bathroom with a locked door. Wet wipes make removing it all pretty easy when you need to. And mostly people who don't want to know will magically ignore the little mascara traces :)

Remove Body Hair

Getting waxed at a salon is simply AMAZE. Especially if you have never done it before, it will hurt a little but come on girl. Its not that expensive and they do it really well. The problem is - expect that your skin will freak out a bit after the first time(s). Its ok you still get to be smooth and the reactions get better each time. Highly recommend that you get the "bikini after shave" for girls for bikini waxing that controls the dots. There's also an amazing sonic brush that is like MAGIC if you can afford it

Create Social Accounts for Your New Self

Instagram is a wonderful place to start that is positive. You can DM us if you do and we'll follow you there. You can play with being the new you and expressing this. It's the safest thing to begin to do.

Do Yoga or Soul Cycle / Spin / Barre / Pilates

Working out has to feel sexy baby. You have to feel how you are getting a tight little tummy and getting super hot. Make it a daily habit. Girls really feel so much more pressure than boys to have beautiful bodies. You can feel that too its a beautiful things cutie, just make it a daily habit for an hour you sweat it and stretch it out and set a long term multi year goal of keeping that habit. You will NEVER regret it. Wear cute little pinks socks and things like that when you work out as a reminder

Go Vegan

Girls are sensitive. They are strong and kick ass and of course most women are not vegan. But it helps to go far out there and feel the loss of any life. To behave in a way that is sweet at its core, even in how you eat. You can be strong, and bad ass. But being highly empathetic is incredibly powerful. Also, the hormones from all the soy and such just really does work :)

Send Us YOUR Tips: How Do You Feel Like a Girl?

You can email us fluidity@rebelmouse.com or DM us on social. We welcome guest writers and posts and would love to feature your expressions of gender fluidity.