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Hema (and Haara): retailer launches gender neutral children’s clothes


Dutch retailer Hema is going to take 'his' and 'hers' labelling off children's clothing and packaging, reports the Volkskrant on Wednesday.

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Support John Lewis in their Fantastic Decision - The Muggles are in our Way :)

From comments like "Let boys be boys! Let girls be girls!" and frustration with the "political correctness of the Left," to an endless amount of customers professing to take their business elsewhere, one look at the retailer's Facebook page is enough to remember just how averse the world is, even outside of the US, to the idea of widening our perspective on gender. Morgan, took to Twitter to express his "confusion."

Vogue's 5 Ways to Shop in a Gender Fluid World

Photo: Courtesy of Allie Teilz

Now is the moment to consider such an idea, at a time when the gender lines that have long existed in the fashion business are slowly but surely diminishing. Just as designers are favoring unisex collections and shows, and department stores are experimenting with undivided floors, the online shopping segment is also experiencing the same movement toward a gender-free fashion space. There are a few pioneers currently making waves on the Web with their genderless shops...


Bustle's Round Up of 7 Gender Neutral Clothing Brands


"While the New York Times described NYFW as "the great gender blur" in Feb. 2015, gender neutral and gender non-conformist clothing options are not just a runway fashion trend. These options are necessary. So I wanted to celebrate a few of the brands that don't conform to the binary and that are unafraid of flying outside conventional fashion industry norms."

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The stickers distributed to stores are to designate it as a safe place for GNC/Trans people, or those just wishing to experiment with gender expression. Many GNC/Trans people have fears surrounding going to a store to buy clothing. The threat of being refused service, ridiculed, or even physical violence is all too real a concern for our community. Therefore, we at Flu.id.ity find it necessary to launch a sticker campaign to help people identify stores that will be safe environments for them to shop. Along with the stickers comes a large supply of post cards explaining to customers how beautiful and friendly you are.

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