and Her Thriving Story on Being Herself

The First Ever Gender-Neutral Model in Africa and India: Peta Nitka

We Fluidity.Love are so glad to have the chance to interview fashion model Peta Nitka from Czech Republic. She is the First Ever Gender-Neutral Model in Africa and India. We are so happy to bring her beautiful story to you.

Petr to Peta

Peta is currently 24 years old and travelling often. She was born in Czech Republic as Petr Nitka. Talking about her name,

"I am from the Czech Republic and if you are Petr here, people can call you Petr or Peta. Peta is for both genders. I have always liked when people called me Peta, because I felt like a girl when I was a boy, thats why I changed it into Peta. Also because many people knew me from media as Petr Nitka, I changed only one letter."

"As Petr I was in media many times because of being first ever gender neutral model in Africa and India, and because of media I didnt want to change my name too much. Thats why I am Peta Nitka. Peta- like the organization."

"I knew that I'm a girl since day ONE." - Peta Nitka

Growing Up: Felt Like a Girl Since Day ONE & Great Family Support

"Its like many other stories. I knew that I am a girl since day ONE. I was born into a really good family, so when I was a little kid, my parents respected that I am different then other boys.

I used to wear a towel on my head pretending I have a long hair anytime. I was aksing my mom to give me her makeup every day and my grandma used to give me her high heels pretty often.

My parents got divorced when I was five so I grew up only with my mom, and I would say it was a really good childhood. My mom was okay with that fact i was doing my makeup and using her nail polish anytime I could.

Only at school I was trying to look like a boy. But I was really feminine. I didnt play with boys. I loved being with girls and playing with their hair. I think when I was seven my mom told me about sex change. So I knew that one day I will become a girl. Later at school I found out that I like boys. I think I was more feminine than other girls."

"My mother fully supported me."

Androgynous Fashion Model

"Since the age of 15 I actually started to look more like a girl. I have really feminine face, I am skinny and my voice is really feminine so people always though I am a girl. I started to travel a lot with my best friend Martina. We used to work in South Carolina as beach workers. We earned enough money to move to Australia to start studying Cambridge english school in Perth.

In Australia I met photographer Bharathan Kangatheran, we started to do photoshoots together and after a month my pictures were published in one Irish fashion magazine. They called my androgynous model from The czech republic, because I was a boy, but I looked like a girl.

Then I came back home to my country and media started to call me "The First Androgynous Model from Central Europe. I had to attend many Tv Shows in Czech and in Slovakia. It was in 2016 and it was something new for those two countries."

First Ever Gender-Neutral Model in Africa & India

"One day I met online a designer Alexandra Blanc. She invited me to Cape town for her fashion show at Fashion Week. So in July 2016 I become the First Ever Androgynous Model on the African continent

I was in media there, so another designer- Roman Handt from Johannesburg asked me to come and make a fashion video for his brand. He told me that I should call myself "gender neutral model". I knew that I am a girl inside, but I didnt want to have the sex change, because I was scared that as a girl I can lose my model career.

In 2017 I became the First Ever Gender Neutral Model in India. And after that i realised that this is the right time to start my transition. I visited a sexuologist, and started with hormonal therapy."

Transitioning with Supportive Circle

"I think it's pretty weird, but all the reactions of my family, and friends about my gender/sexuality was really boring. You know, I have always been different, I was too feminine as a kid so nobody was surprised that I like boys, and about my sex change neither.

I think people around me were basically waiting for it, because they knew. I'd say my sex change process has been really easy in contrast to other young trans people. This is the reason why I like helping to other transgenders anytime I can.

You know, being a transgender in the Czech Republic is great. Because trans people here are considered as "sick". So it means that your "healing process" has to be paid by the insurance and government. Thats why whole the sex change is absolutely free and really easy. The year on the hormonal therapy is free, and free is also the operation.

So since june 2017 when I strated with hormones, I became first ever transgender model in my country, in Romania, Slovenia also in Slovakia. they call me a transgender model now, so i feel so much better, because its really "me" now."

"My best friend, Roman."

I'm A Very Positive Person

"I am so f*ing positive person so I see only good things. When I was a boy, I was dreaming about being a happy pretty girl. Now I am a happy pretty model. Actually its like a dream. Only one little bit crazy thing on the transition is that my mood is changing every one hour due to hormonal therapy. I've been like a woman on her period since last year :D"

My Life Today

"I feel like i can breathe finally. After 23 years you know. I can finally express myself in the way i have always wanted.

About my hobbies, my biggest hobby has always been traveling. It's like an addiction. So now traveling is a part of my life because of my work. I am doing modeling and I travel a lot. I am just planning Rainbow Fashion week in New York with its founder E Jaguar Beckford, and Feeric fashion week in Romania. I am also about to launch a shoe brand this year.


"When I was a boy, I was 19 and I had some rough time. I didn't feel good enough. Then I found out about Louise Hay- a writer. I started reading her books about positive thinking. I found out that our future is based only on our thoughts. When I started to think differently, my life changed a lot."

Hopes for The Future

"My biggest hope is actually being a first ever transgender model in the Islamic World. I am already working on it with a president of Fashion Week Tunis. There are so many places in the world where love is forbidden and where we could be arrested only for being who we really are. And its the right time to change it."

"Life's too short to hide who we really are. Being different is amazing." – Peta Nitka

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Civilization is in the beginning stages of a massive paradigm shift from a rigid and role-based society to one that is fluid. Fluidity in roles impacts our lives in every aspect. We are learning to be fluid in our careers, moving through experiences but following passion. Almost all the great discoveries of humankind were made by someone who was fluid, moving from one career/skill/focus to another. A key first step any individual makes to finding themselves is by rejecting a role they were given. They may have told you to be a doctor, a lawyer, a writer, a farmer, but it was when you say no and find your own path that you find success and happiness.

The first role we are given, even before we are born is gender. Unfortunately, in the role-based paradigm, gender is the third rail. Forty percent of homeless teens are kids who played with gender and were abandoned. But fortunately, in the fluid paradigm, people are finding tremendous success, love and happiness through brave explorations across gender border lines.

Our mission is to accelerate this paradigm shift, making it safe, fun and vibrant for everyone to take part in. This might be as a parent, supporting your baby who is growing to be someone authentic, aware and enlightened. This might be as a sister realizing her brother is finding his femininity. You may be the wife or boyfriend or girlfriend of someone who loves you very much and is beginning to know themselves better through gender fluidity. Our mission is to help everyone understand, support and love the people who are brave enough to find themselves.

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